Rhys Millen Hyundai Equus Spied Before SEMA

Rhys Millen Hyundai Equus Spied Before SEMA

We’ve seen the renderings of Rhys Millen’s Equus project for SEMA, and while it’s still a little underwhelming of a project (especially for a SEMA car), we’re  excited to see Hyundai pushing forward with the Equus and leveraging their existing partnerships to show the world what a little bit of tasteful modifications can do to a car.

Now it looks like the car was recently caught hanging outside an interior reupholstery shop in Southern California, clearly getting some last minute touches in the lead-up to the show. The exterior work seems to have been completed nicely in a flat-blue with a carbon fiber wrap over the top-half of the car. We’re surprised not to see any bodywork and we have to think that when it debuts at SEMA there will be a larger set of custom wheels.

The car is set to be revealed at Hyundai’s booth at the 2010 SEMA Show on November 2nd and we’ll be sure to bring you plenty of photos then. Until that time, check out our SEMA Preview here.

GALLERY: Rhys Millen Racing SEMA Hyundai Equus

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[Source: Inside Line]