Rotary Super Cars Raptor GT Gets Mazda Power, Ferrari Style

Rotary Super Cars Raptor GT Gets Mazda Power, Ferrari Style

Tired of mass produced OEM vehicles that your neighbor could buy if they wanted to? Looking for a 1,200-hp two-seater sporting a 2.6L rotary engine and a pair of turbos? Well look no further as Rotary Super Cars has now announced its Raptor GT that meets all those prerequisites. Oh, and it looks like a really badass Ferrari 599.

Manufactured in Germany, RSC’s newest supercar sports a front-mid-engine design and is rear-wheel drive. There are a variety of models available with horsepower figures from 500 to 1,200. The GT S is the base model, packing a 500-hp powerplant while the GT RS sports a water-to-air intercooled turbocharger setup that pushes out 800-hp. The ultimate RSR is the previously mentioned 1,200-hp street bruiser with 1,106 ft-lbs of torque to boot.

All vehicles are paired with an eight-speed transmission with an electronic differential. No pricing has been announced yet, but we’re guessing if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

The exterior of the Raptor GT is 80% glass fiber or carbon fiber depending on the model and weighs in at 2,425 lbs for the RSR model. Eight-piston brakes are in the front and the rear while 21-inch wheels outfit each corner with Pirelli P-Zero rubber.

RSC also teased us with a mention of a GT N-spec race version, but no details were released.

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