Saudis Driving Audis – Your Must Watch Video of the Day

Saudis Driving Audis – Your Must Watch Video of the Day

From the man who brought you the Falafel Song and Hummus Rap comes “Saudis Driving Audis.

If you’re in the mood for a good laugh (who isn’t) or your searching for the next YouTube hit – here it is. The man who goes by the name Remy has produced another humorous take on Middle Eastern culture and life under his alter ego Habib. This time it’s not about food though, but abut wealthy Saudis and their German luxury cars.

“They call me oil, I’ll tell you why / it’s because I’m crude and unrefined,” is just a taste of the lyrical genius of Remy.

Hit the jump for a good laugh:

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Saudis in Audis…

Hey there hotty, hey there cutie want a ride in my Audi? I drive fast, in high speed moody passing like I am Doug Flutie

It has everything you need imitation leather seat heater so it don’t get colder even has a mustache holder

Headlight so I see at night cup holder for my sprite it is flex fuel, don’t you know runs on gas and on cologne

you think that my judgment’s cloudy you say that it’s pronounced “Audi” hit mute button, quit your fussin it’s car, it’s not belly button

Saudis in Audis…

I have mustache, I have shades I have shiny new A8 My Audi is so sick even is my profile pic

Crank the AC cuz it’s hot driving crazy through Riyadh GPS so we go places to AX and the oasis

Drive to Emirates tonight shopping for some stuff Dubai drive Audi out in Amman even we go to Cinnabon

Up to Jeddah, down to Mecca bet I never drive a Jetta gas on empty, don’t use a frown Saudis just put hose in the ground

Saudis in Audis…

They call me oil, I’ll tell you why it’s because I’m crude and unrefined Like cooking burgers for a meal you need four circles on the grill

Seated heats yes I’m all on ya see this piece staight from Allmagne gonna go and take us a real long drive longer than it takes us to do the whites

So how can you tell if Audi is driven by a Saudi? here’s a couple things you’ll notice if you think the car belongs

blue eye hanging, never tangle license plate long and rectangle Need more proof? Just pop the hood Saudis use 10 W KHHH

Saudis in Audis… Saudis in Audis…


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