Subaru Mocks Competitors With 2011 Mediocrity Campaign

Subaru Mocks Competitors With 2011 Mediocrity Campaign

It may sound a lot like Volkswagen’s new corporate strategy for success in America, but this is an ad for the all-new 2011 Mediocrity. OK, no such car exists. Instead, this is a tongue-in-cheek marketing effort by the folks at Subaru, directing folks to the automaker’s website, drumming up some viral interest in the brand and mocking those building such vehicles.

“Introducing the 2011 Mediocrity. Finally, A car that feels like every other sedan on the road today,” reads the website. There are even a few videos including interviews with the designers who drop some cliche marketing gems like this: “You don’t drive in the middle of the road, but now you can drive middle-of-the-road.”

And let’s not forget the fictional automaker’s mission statement: “The mediocrity mission is to manufacture the most mainstream midsize sedan on the road today. Our company is extremely dedicated and passionate about ‘middle-of-the-road.’ Each and every day we strive for predictability, unoriginality and no-frills utilitarianism for all of your transportation needs. The 2011 Mediocrity will get you from A to B without anybody ever noticing, and that’s a good thing.” Its even signed by the company CEO Josh P Brown.

The Subaru marketing folks even went to the effort of creating a Build Your Own section, where you can choose exterior colors like “Stale Biscuit” or interior trim colors like “Brown Gravel.”

We’ll hand it to Subaru for being creative, even if the company’s recent success has been based on leaving behind its quirky ways for more mainstream models. Ah, irony.

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  • huahuahua
  • Colum Wood

    Lol… although by all accounts the new Legacy is more dramatically styled than a lot of other mid-size sedans.

  • Chad

    Are we sure this isn’t really a VW ad for a new American VW offering?

  • OldBay

    Oh the irony! Subaru just made the outback like every other SUV (but at least they made it shake so you could pick it out of a crowd).

  • Reahani

    Um.. is this for real or a joke? Just wondering; I’m not saying the car is a bad idea at all, but if they took the falmiliarity aesthetic route, they took back something that would’ve/could’ve easily been designed in the early-mid 1990’s; it resembles a cross-between a VW Jetta/Nissan Sentra from the early-mid 1990’s.

    Frankly, I like the falmiliarity, because I feel cars are getting too weird & eye-hurting looking these days (especially w/out being flying cars yet), but I just want to make sure all the “technology within is up to par” as far as the times go; performance/economy/durability etc. THAT’s what’s important; you want a car that’s gonna LAST/take-a-beating in these times with a horrible world economy. Just my thoughts…

    Hm. Interesting Subaru would do this; let’s see if other car manufacturers follow this trend idea…? O.o