Subaru Now Offers Portable Navigation Option in Forester

Subaru Now Offers Portable Navigation Option in Forester

Subaru has just announced that it is offering a portable navigation system, which will be an option on the 2011 Forester 2.5X Premium. The system that will be available is the TomTom Navigation ($595), in combination with the All Weather Package ($500), so it’ll cost you $1,095 to upgrade.

It might be a costly price tag, but you do get a lot with that. The removable nav system comes equipped with a 4.3-inch LCD touch screen, Bluetooth for hands-free phoning and wireless music streaming built-in, plus iPod integration and a USB port. If you want to add a back-up camera to the package, you can choose to add on the option. There’s also the option to get traffic info, but you need to order a subscription.

For all this money you’re shelling out, would it be cheaper to buy it on your own and add it yourself? Let’s find out.

This TomTom system, complete with a 4.3-inch screen, can be purchased for $130, while a hands-free, voice-activated and wireless streaming Bluetooth speaker phone can be found for under $100. An Audivox all-in-one back-up camera system goes for about $163. That means for under $400, you can get this Subaru option and leave out the $500 All Weather Package.

That cheaper price doesn’t come with the integration that Subaru offers, which means there will be extra wires messing up your Forester’s interior. On the flip side, you’ll have plenty of extra cash and you’ll be able to carry the portable nav, Bluetooth speaker phone and even the back-up camera from car to car.

[Source: Edmunds]