Toyota Issues Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for Tundra ‘Bed Bounce’

Toyota Issues Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for Tundra ‘Bed Bounce’

Since it’s introduction in 2007; the current generation Toyota Tundra has had its fair share of issues, but one of the most prominent was a notably bouncy ride, particularly with an unladen bed on rough roads. Although this characteristic is common among all pickup trucks, the Tundra seems to have received more complaints than most. In fact it’s become such an issue that aftermarket companies have offered solutions to address the problem, ballast being the most common, while the complaints from Tundra owners went largely ignored by Toyota.

Now the automaker has issued a Technical Service Bulletin to deal with the problem, which involves replacing the rear body mount bushings, but interestingly this only applies to 2007-2010 Double Cab Tundras (Toyota cites that the longer wheelbase of these trucks makes them more prone to rear end bounce). In an official press release Toyota said that the TSB will reduce vibrations but not eliminate them entirely.

  • Henry P Marquez

    I hope Toyota steps up to the plate on these issues because it Makes Good Business sense. I’ve asked dealership wrenches about a TSB in the past. They knew nothing, but my regular cab long bed bounces like crazy on the short piece of dirt road that is my driveway.

  • Bouncing Tundra

    I wonder why it only applies to the Double Cab and not the Crew Max which shares the same longer wheelbase?

  • Rod Francisco

    I just bought a 2011 Tundra Crewmax 4WD TRD Rock Warrior yesterday. I was driving on the 118 FWY and OMG!!!! The ride was so bumpy that my kids were nearly bouncing off the rear seats. It was to the point of painful in the driver seat. Absolutely bone jarring.

    I took it back the the dealer this morning. They let me take a non-TRD, 4WD Crewmax Tundra for a drive. I took it to the same section of the 118 and it was a lot better, still bumpy, but what I expect from a truck. After returning, I looked underneath the cab I saw that the body mounts were the ones in the TSB. My truck has the older mounts.

    The dealer is going to replace the mounts with the new TSB ones. Hopefully this will help.

  • TTallman

    I just had the exact same issue Rod had. Driving on a section of the 99 in california the seams in the hwy caused my 2011 Tundra Dbl Cab TRD Rock Warrior to bounce horribly. In fact I was on the phone and the vibration was so bad the person on the other end said it sounded like I was beating my chest while I was talking.
    I was expecting a rougher ride, but this is close to dangerous. If I took a road trip in this think my family would be on the side of the road puking.
    I have an appointment to drop it off tomorrow. We will see

  • cerbdrurbug

    “Toyota Issues Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for Tundra ‘Bed Bounce’”

    I agree with you!
    I am new here! I am PAM

  • J Montgomery

    The new cab mounts do not work just takes out some of the sharpness.
    i belive the box bounce comes from the leaf springs not inline with the truck. and they work agenst eachother along with bad hermonics.
    i would take the truck back if i would not louse so much cash at 7,000 miles of poor ride i need to see a docter for my neck!

  • Breptupsene


  • Funkiller

    Does anyone know if the TSB applies to Canadian models as well?

  • gary

    I have a 2010 crewmax platinum series and I also encounter bed flutter in addition to vibration through steering wheel. I first brought the vehicle into toyota at 100 miles. service forman tells me its normal for this vehicle/ Well I have purchased 6 lexus vehiles plus this toyota tundra since august of 2006 and Im pissed off. $363,000,00 worth of vehicles and I got blown off by a schmuck at a toyota dealer. Ill remember this when I purchase another vehicle (NIssan GTR)