Toyota To Repair “Shredding” Belts On 2010 Corolla, Matrix

Toyota To Repair “Shredding” Belts On 2010 Corolla, Matrix

Toyota is recalling 10,750 Corolla and Matrix models due to fault accessory belts, which drive the air conditioner, alternator and water pump.

The defect is only present in models with the 1.8L four-cylinder which were assembled in North America between February and March of 2010. The belt is at risk of deteriorating, which could lead to the engine overheating. Toyota will service the vehicles at no charge, and the repair should only take half an hour. Owners of affected vehicles will be notified by mail this month.

[Source: Reuters]

  • Venza

    Prior tp last spring this would have been a coupon for a free oil change and they’d change the belt at the same time you were having your car serviced. It’s amazing what full disclosure of defects shows about how poor Toyota/Lexus quality really is/was.

  • Ahmed Ginnah

    When is all this going to stop. Recalls, Recalls, Recalls and further recalls. The total vehicles recalled by Toyota so far this year exceeds the total vehicles sold this year in the whole of the USA. This just shows you the magnitude of Toyota’s problem, not forgetting the class action lawsuits running into the hundreds, and Makes you think, Does it not. Why would One still buy a Toyota or a Lexus? Only the unadvised, unlearned and those that don’t read the facts about the car that tehy intend buying. ABSURD!!!!

    Ahmed Ginnah

  • Zaheed Taki

    I have purchased a new 2010 Corolla XRS with 5-speed and full load including nav system.No problems with it so far………….but after hearing about all the defects and recalls, my next car will not be a Toyota.