Volkswagen Releases New Sketches of Next U.S. Passat

Volkswagen Releases New Sketches of Next U.S. Passat

Volkswagen has just released three new sketches of its next midsize sedan, giving us a solid look at the styling of what might just be the most important vehicle the brand has ever launched.

At last week’s Paris Auto Show, VW unveiled the next generation Passat, but that’s not the car we will get in North America. Instead we’re getting a new model that the German automaker will only refer to as the New Midsize Sedan. It’s expected to be larger, with lower-grade content and a softer ride. It will also be built in North America and will, therefore, be much cheaper to produce and allow VW to sell the car at a significantly lower pricepoint. It’s also expected to keep the Passat name.

Volkswagen won’t confirm any of that, but we’ll find out a whole lot more at the cars official debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

GALLERY: Volkswagen New Midsize Sedan Sketches

NMS 1.jpgNMS 2.jpgNMS 3.jpg

[Source: VW’s Facebook Page]

  • Wayne

    The million dollar question is, will it have a TDI diesel option ? 25% better mileage for the same buck, is nothing to sneeze at. Save your money, do the math !

  • SammyJ

    Yawn. Looks as bland as the new Jetta.

  • Chad

    Hyundai has more exciting looking cars than this. Have the Germans run out of good ideas?