Volkswagen To Discuss Formula 1 Entry This November

Volkswagen To Discuss Formula 1 Entry This November

Hans-Joachim Stuck, the former Formula 1 driver who is now Volkswagen‘s represenative for motorsports, said that the automotive conglomerate will meet in November to discuss a foray into Formula 1.

Speaking to the German edition of the Financial Times, Stuck refused to comment further stating” …the (company’s) strategy will be discussed” in the meeting.

Reports state that Porsche or Audi would enter Formula 1 after 2013, likely to avoid both brands competing against each other in LeMans sports car racing. Stuck has also hinted at Volkswagen entering NASCAR.

[Source: Motorsports]

  • John SEIPP

    Bring it on !!Sooner the better ,you would hardly be nervous about Engines ??& DSG should be an immense assett ,

    Seem like Toyota did not see prospect of podiums & did not persist very long .Of course it is an Eelitist sport ,the more reason for VAG to be on the front row .They have pulled out of WRC as Loeb has his name on the game .

    Waiting for the good news


  • John SEIPP

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