Volkswagen To Offer Stretched Passat For Chinese Market

Volkswagen To Offer Stretched Passat For Chinese Market

The Chinese market has a series of peculiar tastes, the most well-known being their love of stretched mid-size sedans. While China gets cars like the BMW 7-Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and other full-size luxury cars, stretched versions of everything from the BMW 5-Series to the Skoda Superb come in long-wheelbase versions, ostensibly for budding executives who can afford a driver, but not the biggest luxury car.

Volkswagen has previously offered an LWB Passat and is planning to sell a stretched variant of their newest sedan, which will also be built in China. The stretched car will be 4.7 inches longer than the standard Passat, giving it a larger rear seat area, with legroom highlighted as the key dimension. We’re not getting either variant of this car, so stay tuned to Autoguide for the closest possible look at this Sino-Germanic oddity.

[Source: China Car Times]


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