Vorsteiner V-104 Center Lock Monoblock Wheels Announced for Porsche Turbo, GT3

Vorsteiner V-104 Center Lock Monoblock Wheels Announced for Porsche Turbo, GT3

With the new Porsche 997.2 Turbo and GT3 incorporating a center lock wheel design, it’s no surprise that the aftermarket has jumped on the opportunity to create more stylish and aggressive options for those cars. It’s no easy task though, with most wheel manufactures not willing to invest the money into the tooling to setup a product line for such a small segment of the market.

One aftermarket shop that has taken on the challenge, however, is Vorsteiner – well known as a manufacturer of high-grade carbon fiber components. Called the V-105, this center lock monoblock wheel is available in 19- or 20-inch sizes and each wheel is custom built for your vehicle so an assortment of widths and offsets are available. And with any custom wheel, you’ll be able to choose what color to outfit each corner of your vehicle with.

They’re a one-piece monoblock design utilizing T-6061 forged aluminum with a bolt-on center lock design that can use OE Porsche hardware. To us it’s a mesh design, but Vorsteiner’s official wording is that it’s twin 7-spoke inner-grooved with scalloped spokes. And of course you will be able to use your factory TPMS wit the wheels and even an OE center cap.

Unfortunately for us, we don’t have a Porsche GT3 lying around to check these wheels out in person, but if you’re fortunate enough to order up a set, let us know how it goes and send us a link to some pics.

[Source: Vivid Racing]

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