Warren Mosler Running for U.S. Senate Makes Politics Cool

Warren Mosler Running for U.S. Senate Makes Politics Cool

How do you secure your position as the coolest guy running U.S. Senate? If you’re Warren Mosler, you build and race a car like the 2012 Mosler MT900 Photon.

A current candidate for U.S. Senate in Connecticut, Warren Mosler is president of Mosler, and we’re guessing that if he wins, his car will be the hottest one in the U.S. Senate parking lot.

Imagine driving the MT900 Photon into work everyday. You’d be able to sit at the cool table in the senate cafeteria, maybe you’d even push the geekier senators around if they got in your way. And if there was a senate prom, you know Mosler would be voted as the king.

We don’t know for sure, but we think it would be a great idea that part of his platform should be working with SEMA to help out auto enthusiasts around the country. Or better yet, perhaps a political promise should be to turn the highways into racetracks, with a pit crew standing by at every exit. Just an idea.

  • Eric

    Mr Mosler is the coolest person on the planet……I can only dream of owning such a sweet toy. Whatever that company is doing, it’s right..The Photon has it all.