ZR6X Extreme Widebody Corvette Body Kit Delivers C6.R Style for The Street

ZR6X Extreme Widebody Corvette Body Kit Delivers C6.R Style for The Street

As great as the Chevy Corvette looks from the factory, the folks over at ZR1 Body Kits have just made a killer widebody conversion for the American sports car inspired by the C6.R Corvette racing cars. The kit is available in two varieties, a more aggressive body kit – Extreme Style ZR1 – for the C6 Z06 Grand Sport that retails for $7,599; while the more mild OEM-style ZR1 kit is $6,999.

Both kits are constructed out of fiberglass using compression molds, a style similar to OEM GM body panels and use all factory mounting points. The ZR6X Extreme Body kit widens the car by 1.5-inches (compared to the OEM ZR1 fenders) offering plenty of room for wider rubber underneath.

For those looking to spend a few more bucks and to make their Vette really stand out, ZR1 Body Kits offers a carbon fiber option for the front lip, side skirts and diffusers.

This is by far one of the nicest Corvettes we’ve ever laid eyes on. Its menacing stance along with its wheel fitment makes it a killer package. We’d love to see one of these prowling down our streets.

[Source: Jon Sibal]

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  • richard

    do you pictures of the car in other colors witht he kit on it, also the hi rise hood has one been made with the supercharger over lay in it

  • nestor

    man that the sickest corvette ive ever seen,,, i dont think they coulduve done a better job than that,,,, its the top of the line,, taking out the lambos, ferraries porches,,,,ect

  • Fred G

    Where in Texas can I get this kit put on my vette.

  • Tarek Al-hammadi

    i want to ask about the bodykit , how i can buy this bodykit and what is the way and what about the shipping .. i am serious please .. reply to me as soon as possible

  • Rachel

    Though I’m not usually a fan of black wheels, there’s something about a black Corvette with black wheels that looks so sleek. I love this look for the ‘vette.

    To take a look at my Corvette, please visit my blog!

  • Kamil Vrablik

    Finaly someone that knows how to make a supercar even nicer. Whould you consider 10% silent partnership in your company, I would help market your awsome ZR1 tuning package. Have excelent contacts for this venture if ther is interest on your companies part. I am extreemly in the market to purchase a complete kit x2. and see the fitment. Will contact you shortly.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Patrick Blackmon

    I feel that the ZR6X body kit is a hit for the c6 corvette, but what i’d like to see is a ZR6X body kit for the c5 corvette. I say this because you have many Corvette owners that are still inlove with & own the c5 Corvette. So you tell me how awesome would that be……pretty cool right. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE think about my comment i think it to can be an awesome addition to the wide body kit family.

  • Jason Hunkler

    Hello, my name is Jason Hunkler (founder / President of Supervettes LLC) – We may introdice a new body “skin” for the C5, but as of right now, there is little to no interest to warrant this type of conversion. The conversion will be more valuable then the car itself. Now, with that said, if someone wants to spend the extra $, we are completely 100% custom fabrication shop, so it is possible… call for more details. 888.308.3631

  • anthony

    can i buy hood yes or no

  • Mark

    How much would the cost be to make my 2006 c6 look exactly like this car.? May car is black now if that makes any difference.

  • Brandon

    What kind of wheels are those?

  • Redcarpet4me

    jason dident you go to jail for fraud?

  • Rarebreed29

    i want a kit for a C5 z06 also …. and im sure others do to … still is BY FAR one of the best track cars to own …

  • david

    i would like to buy the body kit for a 2001 corvette, do u make it for a 2001

  • luke

    That uncovered tires looks so cheesy maaaaaaaan what a piece of shit !!!!!!
    They also forgot about aerodynamics
    Anybody knows where could I get body like race version is or just with covered tires ?
    Its awfullllllllllll