2010-2011 Nissan Sentra Being Recalled Due To Engine Failure

2010-2011 Nissan Sentra Being Recalled Due To Engine Failure

Nissan is set to recall nearly 14,000 2010 and 2011 Sentras due to an engine malfunction that could cause the motor to cut out while the vehicle is running.

NHTSA summarized the problem as “The bolt/washer surface on the positive battery terminal cable end may allow for a gap to occur in the contact area of the terminal. This can result in a voltage drop that may cause difficulty starting the vehicle and could cause damage to the engine control module. This issue can cause the engine to stop running while the vehicle is in motion at low speed with a difficult or no start, increasing the risk of a crash.”

The vehicles in question were apparently produced between May and July of 2010. Nissan owners can contact the company at Nissan owners can contact the automaker at (800) 647-7261.

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  • brenda scroggins

    i purchased 2011 nissan sentra two weeks ago
    is my vehicle being recalled in december?, i just really heard about
    this from a friend

  • dan

    yo compre el mio 2011 y esta muy bien , brenda como chechas el nivel de la transmision espero me puedas ayudar tu carro hace un ruidito cuando caminas y ya luego se le quita solo es cuando avanzas..la primera vez cuando le pones la d. sera de nuevo…

  • Teddy

    Nissan quality is complete garbage. Please stay away from these cars. Have a 2008 Nissan that had major engine failure at 18,000 miles and motor was replaced. 65,000 miles later another complete engine failure. Don’t buy these cars.