2011 Chevy Cruze Gets Hit With Spate of Technical Service Bulletins

2011 Chevy Cruze Gets Hit With Spate of Technical Service Bulletins

It’s barely arrived on the market in North America, yet the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze is already the subject of several technical service bulletins (TSBs).

According to our sources, there are currently three individual service bulletins for U.S. and Canadian market Cruze models, which dealers will fix free of charge under warranty. The first of these concerns a potential squeaking noise originating from the front strut assembly, caused by contact between the strut top mount and wheel splash shield during turning maneuvers at temperatures of 35 degrees Fahrenheit and below. Dealers will add heavy-duty lubricant to the affected area to cure the problem.

The second issue concerns a water leak around right rear taillight. Mis-applied sealer could cause water to seep in through gaps in the sheetmetal seam behind the right rear taillight housing, allowing water to pool in the trunk. Dealers will fix the problem by applying sealant to eliminate any gaps in the seam.

The third and final bulletin concerns a malfunctioning indicator lamp and Brake Apply Sensor on 2011 Cruze models fitted with automatic transmissions, which dealers will replace under warranty.

By issuing these TSBs Chevy is agreeing to fix the issues under warranty, while managing to stave-off the dreaded “R” word.

[Source: Cruzetalk]

  • Martin

    Drove a new Chevy Cruze…Not impressed. The turbo engine hesitated to such a degree that the car actually “bucked”. The engine was cold at the time & it was quite cool outside… Sales Rep was not impressed as well!
    Not really reassuring!

  • ove helgestad

    i purchased my 2011 chevy cruze in november and i have already had in the shop 4 or 5 times to fix the same proble.( the airbags) the sensors dont work and they go off then on,etc.the dealership is in puyallup washington and they dont know how to work on them.they have not been trained yet they say they are working on it.then they gave me a rental for 5 days and still not fixed this time.say they cant pay for rental any longer and tell mo pick my car up even though airbags dont work.tried to get them to give me a new car and told me they dont have to.

  • gary

    had my cruze 4 weeks thermostat sensor was stuck engine light came on steering needed to be re greased compass periodically works shifter lever stuck between gates. hope this isnt going to be a regular occurance

  • Joel

    Had my Cruze at the dealer 2 times for the same problem and still not corrected. The problem is that at times the engine go into a a mis-fire mode, the dealer can’t pin point the problem. The first time GM (Chevy) said that the spark plugs are incorrect so they replaced them and that would take care of the problem. Now the Cruze is at the dealer and they still can’t find out what the problem is. You think someone from GM or Chevy should come down to the dealership to help. Well I hope the dealer knows about the Lemon Law.

  • john

    23k on my plain jane cruze ls, never a lick of trouble yet. Best econobox i have owned

  • Nikki

    So very disappointed in my 2011 Chevy Cruze. I bought my brand new Chevy Cruze in July of 2011 and it is only 6 months old and sitting at the dealership waiting to have a heater core replaced. I noticed a smell and film that would cover the inside of my windshield. Now I have to drive a loaner vehicle from the dealership and make a payment on a brand new vehicle that I cannot drive. If this has happened after 6 months what is in store for my Cruze next?

  • wontbfooled

    depending on the state you live in, take it in two or three more times to get it fixed for the same problem. If it isn’t fixed, get a lawyer and get all your money back plus your attorney fees and your mileage and time and trouble. I made Dodge buy back my Dakota pick up truck in 1988. A lemon is a lemon. Luckily, I bought it in Ohio, which has a good lemon law. You’ll have to check your state laws. Good luck. Oh yeah-it will take about three years to get it all done.