2012 Hyundai Elantra To Get 58 MPG Highway

2012 Hyundai Elantra To Get 58 MPG Highway

2012 Hyundai Elantra

The next generation Hyundai Elantra will record astounding fuel economy numbers, registered 42 mpg in the city and 58 mpg on the highway, according to testing data recorded by Transport Canada.

Timothy Cain of sales and fuel economy blog Good Car Bad Car unearthed the data and posted it to his Twitter feed. We’re not entirely sure how this will match up with an EPA rating, but the future looks bright for Hyundai’s compact sedan.

[Source: Good Car Bad Car]

  • valar84

    Those ratings are basically identical to the ratings of the Fiesta SFE. So expect 29 MPG City and 40 MPG Highway from the EPA.

  • Manly Auto

    Those are really good ratings. It’d be great if all cars got ratings like that, but it looks like Hyundai is leading the pack. http://www.manlyhonda.com

  • jojojo

    i want to get this car!

  • Ruben F. Isaac

    Vehicle manufacturers keep on saying 29/40 mpg, etc. fuel economy but they do not highlight the methodology on how to do it. I think they should provide the procedure on how to achieve such claim.

  • Mita

    Baloney…false advertising by Hyundai, I get 20 miles in the city if I am lucky. I don’t know how manufacturers get away with such bold lies.

  • mike

    We bought our 2012 Hyundai Elantra (GL, automatic) about 6 weeks ago. So far there are about 2200 kms (Canada here) on the car and have filled up about 4 times. The gas mileage has been very disappointing so far. I would guess about 95% of those kms have been on the highway, as I use it only for work. The gas mileage to this point has been at best about 41 MPG, a far cry from the 58 it claims on the sticker. The speed I drive is about 65 mph.
    Is this normal for other owners. Really disappointed so far. My 2004 Impala gets close to this mileage.

  • peter kroh

    my 2010 sonata got better milage,very disappointing,I should have kept my elantra. can the dealer where I bought it adjust the fuil flow

    alpine hyundai Kitchener ont, canada

  • Dave

    We bought a 2012 Elantra in early Sept. and I also can’t believe how bad the gas mileage is compared with what they advertise. On a typical tank of gas the dashboard display shows that we got 6.1 litres per 100 km. but when you do the math after a fill up you really on got 6.7 litres per 100 km. Approx. 42 miles per gallon. This is about 90% highway at approx. 100 km/hr. I have owned a lot of cars and I am aware that you don’t normally get as much mileage as they advertise, but I have never had a car that got this much less than the rating. Based on every other car I have owned, if they say this gets 57 mpg we should be getting about 52 mpg on the highway.

  • bob

    Dave your complaint about mileage makes no sense. The difference between 6.1 and 6.7 is 10% the different between 52 and 57 is 10%. So you would expect to get about a 10% difference in fuel. Consumption but you are dissappointed you are getting that?

  • Dave

    Sorry maybe my information wasn’t clear. 52 mpg is what I think we should be getting, we are actually getting around 42 mpg.
    The 6.1 litres per 100 km. is from the dashboard display that continuously calculates your actual mileage as you drive, so it should be accurate, but when we fill up and do the math we used 6.7 litres per 100 km.
    6.7 litres per 100 km converts to 42.5 miles per gallon.
    42.5 mpg on a car rated at 57 or 58 is not very good.

  • Mary

    I bought a 2012 Elantra in August 2011 and I am so disappointed with the gas mileage. I haven’t worked out litres/km but I do know I just filled the tank and I only got 285 km on 3/4 of a tank of gas. I don’t need to do the math to know this is really bad. One of the reasons for buying this car was the good gas rating wish I hadn’t traded, my older car got much better mileage than the Elantra!

  • lc

    yea just wondering about the mileage, it says it’s the same as the honda civic but my friend gets 900kms in the city with the honda, with the elantra my friend gets 400-500 kms in the city.. they are advertised as getting the same mileage but i dont understand how this is true. ive been debating buying one or the other but i need to make sure i buy a fuel efficient car. From what ive been hearing the elantra is by far the worst car on gas that has come out.. but yet it is still being advertised as the most fuel efficient… i dont want to buy either of the cars and find out that they get less than 650 kms hwy which is what i get on my vw jetta right now.. help!

  • Disgruntled

    I bought a 2012 Elantra in July, 2011.  For the first month the mileage was very good.  Since last August I’ve only seen 30+ MPG once and I check all readings and reset after every fill up.  My average driving is 70% highway (65+ MPH) and the rest city and I’m almost always at the 26-28 mpg at every fill up.  I can tell you that driving at 20-35mph causes the average to drop fast. I’ve taken it in to Hyundai today to have them check it out but they are giving me the standard harrumph harrumph bs you’d expect. 

    I regularly drive to where my kids go to University about 110 miles 1 way from my house.  I fill up before I leave and when I get back 220-230 miles later my average shows 27-28mpg.  This past Sat. I drove down to their place an my avg. mph showed 70, and my mpg showed 28.2.  I have a 2009 Civic that regularly gets 33-34 combined mileage. My old 1998 Olds Intrigue that I had before buying this Elantra got 22-23 on the highway, not much worse than my new Hyundai.  And that was an old 6 cylinder. If they can’t give me any real and truthful answers this car will be on the Honda used car lot soon and I’ll get another Civic that I should have done to being with.

  • Lazy in AZ

    One major thing that you have to consider with ANY vehicle when you purchase it for the main purpose of fuel mileage… and that is the driving style. Ask any owner of a Prius how they had to relearn how to drive in order to get that 50 mpg that Toyota promises all of its customers. I bought a 2012 Elantra GLS with all the bells & whistles last August. I now have 27k miles on it and it runs like a champ. My average mpg over the course of the year is 39 mpg. I’ve had some tanks that yielded a 51 mpg average, and others that were 23 mpg. It depends on the amount of acceleration you demand from the engine, cruising speed & use of the cruise control, pre-planning your stops, and terrain. If you live in the city like I do you and have fairly level terrain then you’ll have better mpg’s, but if you live in a hilly or mountainous area then be ready for low averages. I have a led foot normally, and I’ve had to retrain myself to start slow and allow the car to do the work with the Eco always on. Yes, you drive like a granny at times, but in the end… if you bought the car for the fuel economy… that’s what it takes to get there with ANY car on the market. *for the record, ZERO repairs, 3 oil changes and only one complaint – the dash clock partials out with the summer heat over 105 degrees & there is an audible vibration with the trans in reverse and sitting still*

  • Funnygalpal52

    If they have different sized gas tanks then you can’t compare the mileage by how far it goes on a tank of gas.  

  • Keypine

    Bullshit! Hyundai Elantra 2013 mpg sucks! Also, the onboard computerthat gives a readout of your mpg per tankful is designed to over state your mpg by 3-5 mpg. This is Fraud. They should have to take these vehicles back.

  • Keypine

    If you check the mpg yourself miles traveled divided by gals to refill tank you will be more disappointed. It will be 3-5 mpg less than the dash read out. FRAUD, pure and simple.

  • Keypine

    If you are using the computer readout on the dash, you are in for an even bigger disappointment. Do the math yourself. 3-5 mpg less than the readout. This is FRAUD.

  • guest1234567890