21 Year Old Saudi Student Ups Collection to 33 Supercars

21 Year Old Saudi Student Ups Collection to 33 Supercars

Dhiaa Al-Essa had already hit Internet stardom (for better or worse) with his collection of 30 or so exotic supercars. Now that final count is at 33 after taking delivery of two of Ferrari’s finest automobiles. The first Ferrari 599 GTO is now in his possession and to make it an interesting match, Al-Essa took hold of the very last (499/499) Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider 16M.

“I’ve been so excited about the Ferrari 599 GTO – I have had to wait six months for it to arrive.  It’s a limited edition car with more technology than pretty much any other car in the world – and it’s the fastest ever Ferrari.” Al-Essa told the media.

The 599 GTO pushes out 660-hp and is the most powerful car out of Ferrari’s factory. Al-Essa also told the media that it’s his new favorite car (duh), overtaking his previous favorite, Mercedes-Benz’s McLaren SLR.

Looks like the fun won’t be ending there for Dhiaa, having ordered a replacement 458 Italia after his tragically burned down (photo in the gallery of its remains). And on his list of incoming cars? How about Ferrari’s SA Aperta in May, Koenigsegg’s Agera and a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

[Source: SmallWorld via GTSpirit]

GALLERY: Dhiaa Al-Essa’s New Ferraris

  • fahad

    why you are always focusing on gulf people and what they own ??
    is it because you want to make all the world hate the gulf people.
    BTW focus on the young guys in US, and you will find more much than what the saudi’s have.

  • majid

    that’s true fahad,
    there are a lot of young spoiled saudis who own 100,000s USD cars but what’s wrong with that?
    it has nothing to do with hate 🙂

  • Daniel

    American’s focus on issues like this because it is their thirst for oil that created rich Saudi’s in the first place… in otherwords Envy of their own creation is staring them back in the face everytime they see a headline about a Saudi who ownes 33 cars that cost more than most will make in 4-5 years of hard work. Saudi’s should remember that their land and wealth is a direct result of people they hate. It appears as though Irony is not without a sense of humour.