Chevrolet Volt Wins Big From Automobile, Motor Trend

Chevrolet Volt Wins Big From Automobile, Motor Trend

The Chevrolet Volt has won two major magazine awards, becoming Automobile Magazine’s Automobile Of The Year and Motor Trend’s Car Of The Year.

Automobile called the Volt a “game changer”, and said that the car endured more scrutiny than any entry in recent memory, even devoting a ten page article to the car.

The Volt’s win at Motor Trend was also cause for a bit more good-natured ribbing, as several people, mostly Volt detractors, pointed out some of the past stinkers that have won the award, such as the 2002 Ford Thunderbird, 1997 Chevrolet Malibu and 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser along with many other less than stellar products.

The Volt is certainly a high stakes product for GM, and based on our own test drive of the Volt, we’d say the accolades are justified. Whether the market agrees is another matter.

[Source: Motor Trend and Automobile]