Audi Sport Quattro Designer Calls Rally Car “Ugly”

Audi Sport Quattro Designer Calls Rally Car “Ugly”

Fans of 1980’s rally cars consider the Audi Sport Quattro to be the ne plus ultra of road-going rally machines, but one dissenter prominenter dissenter – the man who designed the Sport Quattro – has been vocal recently about his creation.

In an interview with Autocar, Peter Britwhistle, the man responsible for the Sport Quattro, and now Mazda Europe’s design boss, said that the car was “bloody ugly”. Claiming that the Quattro’s Audi 80 underpinings meant it would forever be a compromise, Britwhistle remarked “Although it did what it needed to do, it looks awful.”

The Sport Quattro’s wide fender flares, excessive vents, wide wheels painted a contrasting color and enormous spoilers became instantly recognizable design elements and arguably influenced a generation of performance cars.

[Source: Autocar]


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