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 |  Nov 22 2010, 12:36 PM

Police in Australia are investigating a burnout performed by a hearse during a funeral service for a youth who died in a motorcycle accident.

Police say that the hearse was spotted smoking its tires along with 12 other vehicles immediately after the funeral Aaron Bryce, a 19 year old killed in a motorcycle crash.

“The driver of the hearse is to be interviewed in relation to hoon driving offences,” Acting Sergeant Dean Owen said to The Age. “[We understand] he was friends with some of the people and getting urged on to do it.”

The hoons in question were caught after police viewed camera phone footage of the burnouts, leading them to question the hearse’s driver, Michael O’Sullivan, a 44-year old funeral director and Justice of the Peace.

O’Sullivan’s father John denied the allegations and said that he was angry about his son and his business being accused of reckless behavior. “We are a reputable concern. We’ve been in business for 140-odd years. We don’t want this sort of bullshit.”

[Source: The Age]