Canadian Police Seize Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Auction It For $306,000

Canadian Police Seize Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Auction It For $306,000

A resident of Vancouver, British Columbia saw his Ferrari get auctioned off by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, after they seized the vehicle for excessive speed in September.

The Ferrari was racing a BMW M6 in the north end of Vancouver, and was clocked traveling 124 mph in a zone designated for speeds of around 40 mph. Reports state that the Ferrari narrowly missed a mother and her children.

Provincial laws allow the police to seize and take possession of vehicles involved in excessive speeding or reckless driving incidents. The Scuderia ended up selling for $306,000, with the money divided between the vehicle’s owner and the government in an 80/20 split. The BMW M6 will be auctioned sometime next week.

[Source: The Province]

  • josef figel

    I cant believe that the Canadian public is tolerant of this type of dictatorship behavior from the government of British Columbia. What right do they have in confiscating personal property in a traffic misdemeanor. The driver should have had his drivers license taken away, but taking personal property from a citizen is rediculous. Just one more step away from a democracy and one step closer to a dictatorship.

  • too bad so sad

    i live in vancouver so can attest that street racing is a big problem here. lots of very young drivers with money and very fast cars…many of them mods. i’ve seen far too many fatal and just horrific car accidents in pretty busy areas of town because of racing. tickets don’t work cause most of these guys can afford to pay it, and taking away licenses isn’t working anymore cause it just doesn’t. racing is very big here in some circles, such that these kinds of measures need to be taken.

  • Jeremy M

    Street racing is a huge problem here. If you’re dumb enough to do 3x the speed limit you deserve to not have a car. By the way it’s not a misdemeanor, it’s a felony.

  • Oh Well, Easy come easy go

    Sorry but its a felony. If you think you are above the law and think you can do 124 in a 40 zone without penalty you are sorely mistaken and will pay the consequences of your ignorance. That is not dictatorship, that IS democracy. We agreed to the laws as they stand. Our vote counted. If you don’t like it then don’t break the law or move away. Simple as that.

  • Oh Well, Easy come easy go

    Added, that jerk should not get one red cent of the auction money. I disagree with that part and that needs to be changed. All the money should go to victims or families of people that have been murdered by idiots like this.

  • Milo Rusimovich

    How does a car that is listed at approx $ 259,000 at the local dealer get sold for $306,000?

  • p w

    Josef figel. A lot of people today knows democracy but they don’t know democracy comes with resonsibility. If everybody talks democracy without filfilling his responsibility as a good citizen, he will be punished. 40 mph zone, not 124, get it?

  • randy n

    It is dictatorship, there are other ways to punish a driver for doing this without selling his personal property. In a true democratic society this would not be tolerated.
    Ban him from driving fine him etc but to sell personal property that was not obtained illegally is simply wrong and this law should be changed.