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 |  Nov 15 2010, 4:04 PM

Chevrolet is set to return to Indy Car Racing in 2012, breaking Honda‘s monopoly on engine supply for the American racing series. Chevrolet is expected to partner with well known engine contractor Ilmor to produce a twin-turbo V6 engine, as the Indy Car series moves away from V8s and towards smaller four and six cylinder engines.

Erik Berkman, head of Honda Performance Development, welcomed Chevrolet in a statement, saying “”We have repeatedly and unequivocally expressed our desire for engine competition within the series, dating even from our first days of sole supply, in 2006,” Berkman said. “We look forward to renewing our relationship with Chevrolet as competitors on the race track and giving the fans of open-wheel racing a spirited and challenging rivalry.”

The new engine formula, which allows for the smaller engines, with a maximum displacement of 2.4L, will encourage more OEMs to support Indy Car racing.

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