Chevy Rumored to Sell Rear-Drive Holden Sedan in America: The Pontiac G8 Returns?

Chevy Rumored to Sell Rear-Drive Holden Sedan in America: The Pontiac G8 Returns?

Backing up the last reports from a few months back, General Motors appears ready to bring back the only truly exciting product Pontiac had to offer, the G8. Now with Pontiac dead the car will be badged as a Chevy (likely wearing the Caprice name), but the important part is that it will be based on the rear-drive Holden Commodore platform, just like the G8 was.

The latest rumor comes from the LA Auto Show, where a senior engineer told an Australian outlet that the plan to bring back the rear-drive V8-powered sedan was under consideration for the retail market. It should be noted that currently GM offers the long wheelbase Holden Commodore-based Chevy Caprice as a Police-only vehicle in the U.S.

An unnamed source then reportedly commented that the car has been approved by GM’s product planning folks.

With the platform already sold here in the past, federalizing the car wouldn’t be difficult either. Now wouldn’t a V8-powered 6-speed manual Chevy Caprice performance sedan be just the perfect car for the upcoming Detroit Auto Show?


  • Bill Wiesen

    If they bring it here…….I will buy it.

  • Allen

    If a Chevy Caprice version of the Holden sedan may be sold in the US. might a U.S. version of the Maloo (ElCamino type pickup) follow? of which I would prefer over a full size PU.

  • andy

    can it be sold as is in U.S. call it what it is

  • Mark

    I’ve been driving the Pontiac brand for over 20 years just because they always had stuff in them that was not available on other GM products

    I really wish someone would buy the Pontiac brand from GM

    It was always the brand that brought in the new toys for north american cars like the heads up display

    Im sure if someone would buy Pontiac even if they would need to partner up with GM at least the folks who love Pontiac’s like myself.

    but its will be nice to see the Holden comming back its a bad ass car

  • Phil

    I have my G8 GXP, and it was far and away the best thing GM made (and killed off)..

    IT way outshines any of my 4 monte carlo’s (my 96, 97, 01, and 06). So much so that i do not plan on ever getting rid of it. I cant find anything (short of the CTS V) that could replace it.