CONFIRMED: Pagani C9 To Use Bespoke AMG Mercedes Engine

CONFIRMED: Pagani C9 To Use Bespoke AMG Mercedes Engine

Pagani’s new C9 supercar will get an all-new, custom made AMG motor, according to a statement just released by the company. The bulletin states that

The engine of the Pagani C9 is not a derivative of the AMG V12 engine developed for the SL65 Black Series, nor is the AMG V12 engine in the SL65 Black Series derived from the engine AMG is currently developing for the Pagani C9.The cars are very different in their character and conception and the engine will reflect this in its technical characteristics and behavior. The engine in the Pagani C9 has been developed specifically for that application by Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Pagani has previously used AMG V12s, specifically the rare, but not tailor-made 7.3L V12 that was featured in ultra-rare vehicles like the limited production SL63. With AMG moving to turbocharged powerplants and smaller V8s, it’s possible that the new C9 will continue using a naturally aspirated V12, one that would require low volume production by AMG. Pagani has been able to use AMG engines due to parent company Mercedes-Benz’s relationship with Juan Manuel Fangio, a long-time Mercedes driver.


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