Dodge Charger NASCAR Racer Gets a New Nose

Dodge Charger NASCAR Racer Gets a New Nose

Once a upon a time, NASCAR racers really were stock. Not any more. But although the ‘Car of Tomorrow’ may share little commonality with its street going counterparts, the Dodge boys are making an effort.

Besides the commonality of rear-drive (the only one we might add out of the current generation of family sleds represented in NASCAR), Dodge Motorsports Engineering, in conjunction with Penske Racing has gone to great lengths to give their latest Sprint Cup racer a nose that’s virtually a dead ringer for the revised, 2011 street going Charger.

“We worked closely with [Penske] to develop Dodge brand identity while maintaining aerodynamics within the NASCAR rules,” said David Bailey, Senior Manager for Dodge Motorsports Engineering. “Coupled with NASCAR’s new common lower nose for 2011, the revised front end carries the image and character of the Charger forward in true Dodge performance fashion.”   But as similar as the front ends on street car and racer look, you still can’t turn on headlights where the latter is concerned, because, as on all NASCAR racers, they’re decorative only.


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