Dodge to Resurrect Plymouth Barracuda

Dodge to Resurrect Plymouth Barracuda

With the introduction of the new 2011 Challenger SRT8 392 at the SEMA Show last week, Dodge brand boss and Chrysler design chief Ralf Gilles dropped a bit hint at the return of the Plymouth Barracuda.

“There’s a lot of pressure on us to bring the ‘Cuda back,” said Gilles to a crowd of Mopar loyalists. “The customers have been stomping their feet for it.”

There’s no doubt Gilles wouldn’t have brought it up were it not in the works and with Chrysler looking to breathe new life into the brand while retaining loyalists, we’d expect to see a new HEMI ‘Cuda in the not-too-distant future.

As for the fact that the Plymouth brand has been long dead: that’s just a detail at this point.

[Source: USAToday]

  • tom

    breath? how about breathe…. Spellcheck only gets you so far. Seriously, do you people need a copy editor?

  • deezlman

    Anyone else notice that the blue in various 2011 Challenger photos appears to be different shades. I think the one with the black and white background and walls behind it and a bright blue Challenger has been over-enhanced. While it’s a beautiful color, I doubt that it represents what the actual car will look like.
    The photo of the blue version parked on the beige pavers with the foliage in the background isn’t very flattering in my opinion, but is probably more realistic if the color is the same DWB as pervious model years.
    The one currently at the top of this article with the black and white background, the car on the open road and dark clouds overhead is REALLY nice. If that’s what DWB really looks like, I’m going to order one, but not the Inaugural Edition. I just don’t want the white interior accents. Just personal taste. Everything else is great!
    BTW – I have a 2009 Challenger R/T and have had 0 problems with it in 17k miles. Wonderful car and great fun to drive. Plenty of power but, I do plan to sell my R/T and trade up to the 392 at some point. Gotta be a blast! And I’m not going to compare it to a Mustang, Camaro or any other car. To me, this is the only true muscle car currently in production and it’s in a class by itself – UNTIL the ‘Cuda gets here! 😉

  • challengerboy

    Interesting car, except for the dual racing stripes. They should have used either a 1970 T/A style or Longitudinal stripe from the Mopar 10 and place the 392 Hemi emblems where they belong. On the hood! I also noticed the old Charger design SRT wheels being used on the “First Edition” cars. Now, About the interior…hopefully they will keep the two-tone door panels. This is an item that was supposed to be part of the Furious Fuchsia SRT package.

    As for the Hemi’Cuda, it would be nice and if Gillis, himself, is bringing up the topic I could see it happening. Early on it was my understanding that once the Challenger was to be discontinued after 5 or 7 years the ‘Cuda would be resurrected at that time. Here’s to both being made at the same time. It would make up for no 2-door Charger in some ways.

  • ogisme

    I have a 2010 Challenger R/T 6 speed it is just the base model with no extras. It is a shame that to get a 6 liter hemi you have to get a car that’s loaded with leather heated seats and over the top sound system. In 1970 you could get a Challenger with hand crank windows am radio no a/c no power steering and a 426 HEMI!! If Chrysler brings back the Cuda I for one hope that I can get one like my Challenger with only a 6 speed and still get a 6+ liter HEMI. (hoping for the new 426 or larger)

  • BigDaddyCuda

    Please bring the Cuda back! And yes, I also with the 426 Hemi. If not the same, at least something almost compared to it. I’ll be waiting for chrysler to make me one..I’m going to be one of the first buyers.No sedans, original 2 door please..bring the beast back.

  • Rod Rodder

    I owned a 1970 340 cuda the car was great,so please bring it back with the hemi I might buy another one.

  • QUE

    I think that that would be a great idea I just wounder why it has taken so long. I have a 2011 challenger R/T and I love it.. but if the cuda had been out I would have taken that first.