Ferrari Offers Limited Edition Prancing Horse Sculpture

Ferrari Offers Limited Edition Prancing Horse Sculpture
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Some things are just too precious to adorn the hood of a car. Like the Ferrari‘s iconic Prancing Horse, which is now available as a collectible you can display in your home or office.

A limited edition silver sculpture, the Prancing Horse is a legend in the automotive world. This symbol was born 1923 – Ferrari won his first trophy in Savio, where he met Countess Baracca. She was the one who gave him the idea to use the Prancing Horse as a good luck charm on his own cars.

This limited edition collectible Prancing Horse carries on the luxury tradition. It weighs in at 850 grams, is made entirely in silver and stands 20 centimeters (7.8-inches) high.

Even the wrapping is luxe – the Prancing Horse sculpture comes in an elegant red box and sits atop a plexiglass base complete with an etched and numbered label that guarantees the exclusivity of the limited edition. There are only 99 units available for sale, each costing $6,664. You can buy yours at the Ferrari online store.