Fiat 500 Tuned by Hamann to 275-HP

Fiat 500 Tuned by Hamann to 275-HP

With the Fiat 500 having just launched at the LA Auto Show, the aftermarket has already started releasing plenty of toys for the Italian economy car. Set to debut at the Essen Motorshow in Germany later this month, Hamann and H&R have teamed up to release their Fiat 500 rendition and there’s quite the surprise under the hood.

Hamann has taken the little Fiat 500 and turned it into a potent street machine, taking the stock 135-hp to an impressive 275-hp. Move over MINI Cooper! The horsepower bump is attributed to an ECU retune and a new exhaust. Worth noting however is that the horsepower jump comes from the 1.4L turbocharged powerplant – so the ECU retune obviously shoves in a ton more boost and fuel.

Along with the performance upgrades, Hamann has come up with an entire kit with new front and rear bumpers, side skirts and wheels. Braking has also been enhanced through Hamann. All of this means nothing if the car is still rocking a stock ride height. Thankfully H&R has already developed a lowering kit for the Fiat 500 and a set of their billet wheel spacers gave the wheels a more aggressive fitment.

GALLERY: Hamann and H&R Fiat 500

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[Source: Topspeed]