Ford Transit Connect XLT Is A Domestic Swagger Wagon

Ford Transit Connect XLT Is A Domestic Swagger Wagon

The Ford Transit Connect XLT has taken off with the commercial vehicle set, and even non-car-loving folks have come to know them for their distinctive shape, calling them “bread vans” or “ice cream trucks”.

Ford seems to have finally listened to the internet and produced an honest civilian version of the Transit Connect, and it looks pretty damn cool. Dubbed the Transit Connect XLT Premium Wagon, the Turkish-built van can seat five, and comes with civilizing features like rear windows, a blind-spot avoidance system, a backup camera, and some pretty nice alloy wheels. The high roof and massive cargo compartment will no doubt endear it to buyers who need that sort of thing – we wonder if this car will be a new entry into the wheelchair-accessible market due to its generous interior dimensions. More likely than not you’ll be seeing a “stanced” Transit Connect on your favorite car blog sometime soon.

Gallery: Ford Transit Connect XLT Premium Wagon


  • Will Watson

    Undoubtedly, the Ford Transit Connect XLT is the ugliest vehicle I have seen in a while.

  • bill

    This is one of the hottest vehicles Ford has coming up. The demand for a consumer version is forcing Ford to bring out a nicer version. They are looking at a larger engine , perhaps the EcoBoost and trans upgrade. Nicer interior etc. Has great maneuverability and vision with the glass option is wonderful. Will be seeing it in suburbia very soon.

    Lots of room for some custom paint schemes also. Ford is doing great with the new Stang, Focus ST and Transit….quite a show. Guess that is why Ive made 900% on my stock since it was 1.99. Keep it up.


    you guys can keep it. If this is “one of the hottest vehicles” they are coming out with they better hit the drawing board again. All they have done here is take their British work lorry and drop it in North America.