GM Planning to Axe ‘Goodwrench’ Service Brand

GM Planning to Axe ‘Goodwrench’ Service Brand

In the wake of its re-structuring last year, General Motors has re-directed its focus on just four core brands in the United States – Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC. And that not only applies to marketing and retail sales, but now apparently servicing as well.

There are signs that the General, at least in the United States, will drop the long running ‘Goodwrench’ service brand. Goodwrench was originally created back in the mid-1970s to provide customers with the assurance that GM dealer technicians were the only ones actually certified by the company to work on any GM vehicle at any GM dealership, using only factory parts or those approved by GM.

The service brand also became a familiar slogan with NASCAR fans with ‘Goodwrench’ pasted on the side of Dale Earnhardt’s #3 Chevrolet race car for years. However, according to sources familiar with GM’s new strategy, the company’s current marketing supremo, Joel Ewanick, wants Goodwrench to go the way of Oldsmobile and Pontiac. The sources say that Goodwrench focuses too much on the corporate aspect of the company, rather than the four individual vehicle brands which are seen as ‘the stars’ within GM.

The Goodwrench brand would, therefore, be replaced by ‘Certified Service’ for each brand, to help assure customers that GM approved and qualified technicians and service personnel will still be working on their vehicles, while at the same timing helping to build a stronger identity for each marque. A source also said that dropping the Goodwrench brand would likely only apply to the U.S. – in Canada the brand would continue as it enjoys greater cachet north of the border.

An actual announcement on the future of Goodwrench is rumored to be delivered ┬ásometime this week, in the meantime, GM’s official line is essentially “no comment.” Pam Flores, a spokesperson for the company stated recently in an email message, “we are constantly evaluating our approach to provide customers with excellent service throughout the life of their vehicle. We have a number of new initiatives under consideration but have no details to share at this time.”

[Source: Automotive News]