Honda Planning Mid-Engine AWD Hybrid Sports Car as Successor to NSX

Honda Planning Mid-Engine AWD Hybrid Sports Car as Successor to NSX

Honda is currently working to bring to market a new sports car that will serve as a successor to the famed NSX. According to a new report Honda never gave up on its plans for an NSX, but rather put a hold on development during the economic downturn.

The next NSX won’t be at all related to past V10 concepts, nor will it have anything to do with the HSV-010 race car (above). Instead, Honda is planning a new hybrid sports car, based on a modified version of the Accord platform.

Sources inside Honda tell Motor Trend that the car will follow after the new CR-Z hybrid, but be a true sports car, rather than a “sports coupe,” hinting that the power output will be far more significant. Using either a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder or a version of the company’s 3.5-liter V6, the hybrid drivetrain will made over 400-hp and be offered with a true manual transmission.

Riding on the Accord platform, the car won’t be front-wheel drive, but rather AWD, and feature a mid-engine layout that will require significant changes to the structure. This will, however, help Honda bring to the car to market faster and cut R&D costs.

Not yet green-lighted for production, Honda could unveil the car as early as 2013.

[Source: Motor Trend]


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