Hourglass Stoplight Concept Makes the Most Of Your Time

Hourglass Stoplight Concept Makes the Most Of Your Time

Wait for it… Wait for it… Ok, go! If you’re an impatient driver, designer Thanva Tivawong has got the stoplight for you.

This stoplight lets you know exactly when the light is going to change (which means no more muttering obscenities under your breath about the stupid light that’s taking forever to turn green). It shows drivers when the light is going to change from green to yellow, and from red to green. The new hourglass stoplight concept operates under the theory that drivers would be less likely to try to beat yellow lights in the rush to make good time. As drivers are waiting, they can watch the pixels in the light drain from top to bottom. Once the time’s up, the light changes color and the process starts again.

Although this idea sounds cool, there are a few problems that need to be addressed. The first is with colorblind drivers, and the second is drivers who will turn the lights into a drag strip in their rush to be the first out of the gates on a light change. What do you think of the concept?

[Source: Engadget]

  • Marian Dej

    I think this is actually a great idea! They already have the counters on the pedestrian walking signs and that helps a lot. So why not have it for drivers? As for the concerns, colour blind people already can’t see the colour of the current lights, they know based on position of the lights. Something similar to that can be done for these. As for dragstrip drivers…well they already do it, so why not take away the element of suprise. HA!