Hyundai Veloster to Debut at Detroit Auto Show, Accent in New York

Hyundai Veloster to Debut at Detroit Auto Show, Accent in New York

Hyundai has confirmed it will debut the Veloster sports coupe/hatchback at the Detroit Auto Show this January followed by the new 2012 Accent in New York in the Spring.

The confirmation was given during a technical presentation by Hyundai execs at the company’s HACHI research and engineering center in Detroit on Friday. Hyundai also provided plenty of details on new engines and transmissions it is working on and while it was never mentioned specifically, we’re lead to believe that the Veloster will make use of a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine mated to a dual-clutch transmission. Power will be 138-hp and 124 ft-lbs of torque and the car is expected to achieve an impressive 41-mpg on the highway. That’s more than the 40-mpg claim Hyundai has made for the 2011 Elantra.

As for the Accent, it is also expected to get the new 1.6L (although perhaps not the dual-clutch setup), and fuel economy should be even better.

  • john h

    138 doesn’t seem like alot of horsepower but I’m sure it will be enough for this car considering its below the Genesis coupe!

  • anony

    138HP is the engine’s base. Since the engine will likely be turbocharged, that could mean anywhere from 178 to 200 Horsepower. I doubt that they’ll go above 200 for reliability issues and because that puts it on par with the Civic SI.

    Also, this probably means that they’re using the same engine as the next generation accent, which means they can produce the same engine for two different cars while preparing them slightly differently for different customers. Really good decision if you ask me, especially because someone can buy an accent and just transfer the parts from the Velostar.

  • 38tech

    The only thing I want is a REAL manual transmission with the turbo model. Hyundai automatics are on the slow slide (although reliabity on them is phenomeninal) when it comes to their auto/manual style shifting.

  • Lowbeam

    i never try a Hyundai automatic dual clutch DSG like transmission in a Hyundai since no model got it.
    but i tried the 6 speeds auto trans from elantra and sonata and these transmissions are suprisingly quick and very well responding for such auto transmission. a very big imporvement about the old-ones 4 and 5 speeds.

  • William McMurry

    question ;
    What is the fuel capacity of the Hyundai Veloster ?