Jaguar Asking Managers To Relocate To China Or Risk Promotions

Jaguar Asking Managers To Relocate To China Or Risk Promotions

Jaguar is playing hardball when it comes to competing in emerging markets, and is even asking managers to serve a stint in places like China, or else risk being passed over for a promotion.

Jaguar’s parent company, Tata Motors, is looking to establish a joint venture manufacturing plant with a Chinese automaker to allow the British luxury brand to produce significant volumes for emerging markets. However, UK managerial staff is needed to oversee the plants, and Jaguar is having trouble recruiting sufficient numbers of employees, especially those with children or spouses.

One Jaguar exec was particularly blunt, stating “listen matey, if you want to go to the top you’re going to have to go to China, Russia or the US. We’re an international business, we’re 70pc overseas. It’s critical you move out of leafy Warwickshire.”

[Source: The Financial Times]

  • greyfox1

    I know it would be great if life was “just a bowl of cherries” but sometimes you have to make sacrifices.Moving abroad indefinitely might be a step too far but a structured assignment with the family in somewhere like China would be an enlightening experience if it was offered with a package covering schooling, accommodation and annual flights back to your home country.I spent a few years in the Middle East and found the entire exoperience a real eye opener.I wouldn’t mind another crack abroad- it beats the current gloom and doom scenario in the UK.After all wouldn’t this provide an opportunity to save some cash while learning Chinese- a skill which could prove invaluable in the future.