LA 2010: Chevrolet Volt World Premiere; ‘Epic’ Volt ‘Most Advanced Car Ever Made’

LA 2010: Chevrolet Volt World Premiere; ‘Epic’ Volt ‘Most Advanced Car Ever Made’

Rather than being polished up like a Pebble Beach show car, Chevrolet Marketing VP Joel Ewanick drove a filthy Volt onto the stage at the Los Angeles Auto Show today for the car’s official world premiere. Ewanick and a group of engineers drove the Volt 2,400 miles across America from GM’s headquarters in Detroit to the LA Auto Show to drive home the message that the Volt is a daily driver and that it can be a family’s only car.

Ewanick described the Volt as more than a game-changer, but as “Epic” and said it’s “the most advanced car ever made.” He backed this up by sating that compared to the new F35 fighter jet, which uses 8 million lines of code to control its high-tech systems, the Volt required 10 million lines of code to keep it running accurately.

With retail sales set to begin the next few weeks, Ewanick gave an update on how interest in the car has grown, stating that last year’s 45,000 hand-raisers for the car has no risen to over 220,000. He then pointed out that marketing for the car has only just begun.

On that note, Chevy then played two new Volt commercials which claim the Volt takes just $1.50 a day in electricity to run. Stating that “it’s more car than electric” one ad even took a shot at its main competitor, the Nissan Leaf, claiming that the Volt is far more than just a “leaf blower.”

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  • Neil

    Whoo hoo. The American car industry is back. Between this and Ford kicking some ***.