Lamborghini Builds Final Murcielago

Lamborghini Builds Final Murcielago

Chest-merkin users of the world have been dealt a hefty blow as Lamborghini announced that Murcielago production had ended, in anticipation of their upcoming 700 horsepower supercar.

The orange LP670-4 SV is destined for Switzerland, and is the 4,099th car produced during the car’s 9 year production cycle. While the upcoming replacement for the car is said to be chock full of technology, Lamborghini’s CEO Stephan Winklemann praised the car’s legacy, stating “The Murciélago embodies the pure, unadulterated values of our brand. It is truly extreme, uncompromising and unmistakably Italian. This already makes it one of the legends of the sports car world. But the Lamborghini story continues. In 2011, we will take a huge step into the future with the successor to the Murciélago – with the most innovative technology and, once again, truly stunning design.”

Come March, we’ll be eagerly awaiting the launch of the Murci’s sucessor, and you can be our collars will be open and our gold chains gleaming as we bring you the latest from Italy’s most ostentatious automaker.

[Source: Lamborghini]


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