Lingenfelter Camaro Breaks 8-Second Quarter Mile Barrier [Video]

Lingenfelter Camaro Breaks 8-Second Quarter Mile Barrier [Video]

And there you have it folks, Lingenfelter’s wickedly-sounding Chevrolet Camaro has broken the 8-second barrier in the quarter mile. It was just back in July when we broke news that Lingenfelter’s Camaro had ran a 9.974 and just four months later, they’ve shaved a whole second off their time going 8.997 @ 158.8 mph.

More astonishing is the car’s insane 1.384 60-foot launch by driver Jon Ebert. It’s obvious that Lingenfelter has tuned the Camaro inside and out, tweaking every component imaginable to get it into the 8-second range. The 377 ci LS9 features a GM LS9 Eaton TVS2300 supercharger mated to a fully built motor with JE pistons, ported heads and more.

On the dyno, the Camaro puts down a ridiculous 1,243-hp with 1,328 ft-lbs of torque to back it up. And even with a 4,075 lb race weight, it’s good enough to plant the Camaro into the prestigious 8-second club. We’re going to guess that there will be some diminishing returns now on Lingenfelter’s tuning efforts, but we’re confident they can get this thing running 8’s consistently and safely.

Video available after the break.

[Source: Inside Line]

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  • tom

    wouldn’t it have broken the 9-second barrier? Breaking the “8-second barrier” would put the car in the 7s– and that would really be astonishing. Also, wouldn’t “wicked-sounding” be more appropriate? “Wickedly-sounding” would more accurately describe an evil fisherman checking the depth of the sea…

    This site always amazes. I like the content, but find it’s presentation juvenile.