McLaren SLR Glitters With 11 Pounds of Gold and 600 Rubies

McLaren SLR Glitters With 11 Pounds of Gold and 600 Rubies

What kind of security system do you think you’d need for the Mercedes McLaren SLR that’s adorned with 5 kg (roughly 11 lbs) of gold and 600 rubies? We’re thinking its own posse of guards and an invisible force field might keep the car jackers at bay.

Designed by Suisse car-designer Ueli Anliker, this McLaren SLR 999 was featured at the Tuning World Bodensee in May and more recently, at the Dortmund MY CAR tuning show earlier this month. Anliker has been creating golden rides just like this one for about 35 years. This sparkling creation comes complete with 600 rubies, some of which measure up to 35 mm in diameter.

Want to own it? This car’s value is estimated by insurers at 5 million Swiss Francs (€3.7 million/$5.2 million). But according to Anliker, that price tag doesn’t include the more than 30,000 man-hours of work that went into this project.


    Seriously? Seriously? The guy who turned the master piece of an SLR into this abortion needs to be taken out to a field and put out of his misery! Because clearly he is screaming for some kind of attention.

    This looks like a 1995 Civic with a bodykit. This is Truly embarrassing!