Mercedes-Benz Blings Its Keys with Swarovski Crystals

Mercedes-Benz Blings Its Keys with Swarovski Crystals

So you don’t want to go overboard and get your whole ride blinged out, but it would be nice to add a little sparkle to your commute. In Japan, Mercedes-Benz has designed bespoke car keys that are studded with Swarovski crystals that offer an air of exclusivity and the right amount of shine appeal.

The crystals, in shades of pink or black, are found along the long sides of the keys, which are individually and meticulously hand-crafted by Swarovski. You can also pick up two extra keys for $515. The key design was developed as a joint effort between Mercedes-Benz in Japan and Swarovski in Austria, and was made specifically to tailor the Japanese lifestyle and fashion tastes.

“This cooperation brings together two premium brands that continue to set new standards with their products. Both are synonymous with outstanding quality, creativity and fascinating design, and so complement each other perfectly. We are therefore delighted to have been able to join forces with Swarovski to bring this idea from our staff members to life in very tangible form,” said Dirk Reimelt, project leader at Business Innovation.

The keys are only available in Japan right now, and there’s no word on if they will be launched in North America any time soon.

[Source: Born Rich]