Mexico’s Armored Car Market Now Worth $80 Million Annually

Mexico’s Armored Car Market Now Worth $80 Million Annually

Those of us who live in societies where the rule of law is respected can go about our daily business without having to look over our shoulder. For the rest of the world, this luxury isn’t exactly available, so solutions must be devised to help people live in some semblance of peace and security.

For those with a bit of money, an armored car is often a practical solution. Looking identical to the standard version of a common vehicle, armored cars can do everything from emit smoke screens to sonic siren blasts to protect occupants from IED blasts.

The ongoing violence (bordering on outright warfare) in Mexico has lead to explosive growth in the armored car market. While Latin America’s wealthy have traditionally been loyal customers, Mexico alone is now expected to be worth $80 million annually, as scared citizens bring in everything from the usual Suburbans to older Kias and Hondas in an effort to be discrete and protect themselves from harm. According to a report in USA Today, even OEMs are getting into the act of targeting the growing middle class market, with Volkswagen offering an armored Jetta for the still-expensive amount of $70,000.

With Mexico City listed as the #1 location for kidnappings, the Mexican armored car market looks like a growth industry that shows no signs of letting up, to the detriment of the country and its citizens caught in the crossfire.

[Source: USA Today], Photo: Texas Armoring]