Mitsubishi Builds 5000th i-MiEV Electric Car

Mitsubishi Builds 5000th i-MiEV Electric Car

Mitsubishi recently reached a milestone with the completion of their 5000th i-MiEV electric car, which rolled off the line at its Mizushima plant this week.

After starting production in June of 2009, the i-MiEV has been a hit in Japan, and will make its debut in America in late 2011 after being unveiled at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show. The i-MiEV will also hit Europe next year, in advance of the car’s North American launch.

[Source: Left Lane News]

  • hsr0601

    1. As the long-standing Think & converted EVs illustrate, I think it doesn’t make sense some critics call EV technology unproven.
    2. EVs are all charged by coal power stations anyway? utility rates would go skyhigh ?

    To my knowledge, the coal and natural gas generally generate electricity at daytime.
    But EV drivers tend to charge mostly overnight with the untapped, or mostly WASTED electricity as hydro & Wind & nuclear power plants keep operating around the clock. In other words, we are draining much of the precious power at night due to lack of high-cost storage devices.
    And, in EU & America, the pace of renewable energy development has already topped that of unhealthy energy.

    3. Drivers Can Charge Electric Car Wirelessly :
    Within two years, Halo IPT plans to market a $2,000 charging station that Drivers can install in your garage along with an add-on kit for the electric car. All drivers have to do is to park over the right spot, and the car will automatically charge, no wires necessary.
    Power outrage ? :
    Further, the system will even be able to suck power out of the car if drivers need it during expensive peak hours at home. Halo IPT also wants to put the pads under parking spots and bus stops and anywhere else it might be useful to get some quick juice.