NASCAR Comes to TV in NBC’s New Drama

NASCAR Comes to TV in NBC’s New Drama

Is it must-see TV in the making? Only time will tell if NBC’s new show about a NASCAR family will bring in viewers.

The show, which is currently in development, is called The Crew, and will be a family drama set in the world of NASCAR. From Heroes writer-producer Joe Pokaski and NBC Universal-based producer Scott Stuber, the show focuses on a family of distinctly different brothers on a NASCAR racing team who have their own lives and dreams, opportunities and problems. The team does share one common goal – to be the best.

Although there have been a number of NASCAR-themed shows in the past several years (that includes an animated Fox series starring Jeff Foxworthy), what sets The Crew apart is that it is expected to be done in cooperation with NASCAR. To make sure everything is authentic, NBC is in talks with NASCAR for the rights to use its name, logos, tracks, and race footage.

So will you be tuning in to watch this new show once it airs? Do you think TV can do justice to NASCAR or will it just fall flat? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Source: Deadline]

  • Driggers

    If they can pull off capturing the human element to the sport, as well as make it accurate to what really goes on, I think it’ll be a hit. People will take interest if there is a powerful story, and it’ll generate even more interest in the sport. Either way, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for this. I’m interested in seeing how it turns out.