NHTSA Investigating 2006 Honda CR-V For Fire Risk

NHTSA Investigating 2006 Honda CR-V For Fire Risk

NHTSA is looking into reports of possible fires in 2006 Honda CR-V’s, caused by a faulty driver’s side master power window switch. Approximately 150,000 cars may be affected by the problem.

NHTSA opened the investigation after fires were reported in three cars. Honda previously recalled 141,000 Fits from the 2007-2008 model year due to a similar problem.

[Source: New York Times]

  • Lee

    I have experienced exactly the same fire/burning issue, as mentioned in the report above, on the driver’s side master window switches, in my 2006/7 Honda CRV, bought in the Philippines.
    First the switch for the front passengers window, went faulty and started smoking and I thought the drivers whole door was going to catch on fire. Then a few weeks later the two rear window switches did exactly the same and again I though the door would catch on fire. This was quite frightening, as I was driving down the road at the time. Now only the switch for the driver window operates. The local Honda dealer, where I bought the car, had no idea what caused the fire problem and were not very helpful and told me I would have to replace the whole drivers side door switch assembly (windows and mirror). Of cause this turned out to be very expensive and Honda Philippines couldn’t even tell me, when I could have a replacement switch assembly, if I ordered one, as a replacement was not available in the Philippines. So, in the end, I have been very disappointed in Honda. Other than this problem, my Honda CRV has been a very good Car.