Pirelli PZero Disk_O Watch Has Style To Spare

Pirelli PZero Disk_O Watch Has Style To Spare

If you’ve ever wanted a watch that would get your style racing, strap on the Pirelli PZero Disk_O wristwatch – it’ll take you from 0 to cool in 10 seconds flat.

Better known for their tires, Pirelli has been releasing plenty of branded swag overseas. The company has put out everything from clothing and sneakers to sexy calendars and films. This time (pun intended), Pirelli has launched collection of watches inspired by the industrial elegance of disk brakes.

The PZero Disk_O’s case is made of anodized aluminum that is designed in the shape of a ventilated brake disc, while the button cluster mimics the shape of a caliper that stops the disc. Its case comes in either black or steel gray. This watch has Swiss chronograph quartz movement that will ensure accurate time-keeping.

What’s cool about this timepiece is its anodized aluminum bezel rotates through the caliper just like a real brake disc. And, just like the brakes on the supercars, the caliper can be ordered in different colors: red, yellow, black or steel gray.

You won’t find any steel bracelets or leather bands on the PZero Disk_O – it’s held on by a rubber strap that has been styled after racing slicks.