Plateside iPhone App is Social Networking For Your Car

Plateside iPhone App is Social Networking For Your Car

Mix in a little social networking, add a tiny pinch of road rage and a healthy helping of auto-fixation, and you’ve got the latest iPhone app for motorheads – Plateside.

Think of it as Facebook for your car. This free iPhone app lets you tell other car enthusiasts about that sweet ride that you saw drive by you, or how much the guy who just cut you off sucks. This social network also collects license plate info, so if you see a cool car, cute driver or a vanity plate you can’t decipher, you can send a message to the owner using the license plate as the address.

The down side of this app is that the driver of the other car won’t get the message unless they use the Plateside app, so it needs to gain some popularity (like the developer making it available for more than just the iPhone). But it would be cool to see what others are saying about your car and your driving skills

And in an effort to control your road rage, the app can be used to cuss out other drivers or to tell someone to get out of your parking space. Plus, Plateside lets you send status updates to Facebook and Twitter from within the app.

Even though it’s a car-centric app, the developer warns that it’s not safe to use a mobile device behind the wheel, and even states that its “business plan depends, in large part, on our members staying alive.” Good advice.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]