Porsche And Bentley May Share Technology

Porsche And Bentley May Share Technology

Porsche CEO Matthias Muller wants to start sharing technology with Bentley, even going as far as calling for a “common architecture”. When asked about further variants of the Porsche Panamera, Muller stated that they were possible, but went on to mention the Bentley alliance as an alternative.

Ostensibly, competition between a Porsche-derived Bentley and another Porsche product would be avoided, but Volkswagen has never shied away from having its own brands launch products positioned against one another. “What we want to do, in conjunction with Bentley, is to have a common architecture, a common performance in purchasing, and so on,” said Muller.  “That is just an offer to Bentley; you have to understand. Everybody will be keen to get synergies and reduce costs, and at the end of the day, have a better revenue.”

Muller also threw out some ideas for future Panameras, stating “You can imagine a coupé with two doors, a longer version, maybe a van, a combi, or something else. There are a lot of ideas about the Panamera line-up but we cannot do all of these derivatives at the same time, and we need to look at the customers, whether they are keen to have a derivative of the Panamera.”

[Source: Autocar]


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