Rare Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Selling For 90% Discount

Rare Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Selling For 90% Discount

Mercedes-Benz‘s sociopath AMG sedans like the C63 AMG weren’t just created out of thin air. Although they’ve recently faced stiff competition from BMW’s M lineup and the Audi S/RS cars, a couple decades ago, the three pointed star was your only option if you wanted a car with four doors that could absolutely annihilate anything with four wheels.

Even in 1987, an AMG Hammer would set you back the outrageous sum of $187,000, $53,000 more than what an S63 AMG retails for today, and a little under $400,000 when adjusted for inflation. The Hammer was also a bit of a Frankenstein car – buyers would have to purchase a $39,000 300E and have it retrofitted by AMG to Hammer specifications, and there were varying degrees of intensity, ranging from “having a bad day” to the example you see here, which can be classified as “cold blooded axe-murderer”.

For $17,000, AMG would replace the 300E’s staid six-cylinder engine with a modified 5.6L V8 from a 560SEC, with 32 valve heads and twin camshafts. The car above has the $40,000 6.0L conversion package, as well as a Torsen LSD, and an AMG suspension, bodykit and wheels. That added another $14,000, plus $18,000 in labor charges. bringing the grand total to $187,000.

The Hammer is currently on Ebay and is going for roughly $20,000, or a little over 10% of its original sticker price. That’s still a lot for a 23 year old Mercedes, but remember, this car would eat Countaches alive when it was introduced. Besides, the AMG bodykit is so 80’s it hurts. All you need is an 8-ball, a Motorola car phone and a white Hugo Boss suit to complete what car collectors would call the “period correct look”.

[Source: Bring A Trailer]