Renault To Launch EV With 150 Mile Range By 2015

Renault To Launch EV With 150 Mile Range By 2015

Renault is already one of the auto industry’s leaders in electric vehicles, investing enormous sums in the Better Place battery swap technology and introducing one of the first mass-market electric cars with their Nissan division, in the form of the Leaf hatchback.

Although Renault is set to introduce the all-electric Z0e in 2012, the small hatchback will only have a range of 100 miles. Renault is hoping to increase that to 150 miles by 2015 thanks to new chemical compounds in the cars battery pack. Britain’s Autocar magazine suggests that by 2025, range could be up to as much as 300 miles. While Europeans generally have shorter driving distances, a 300 mile EV would go a long way to soothe the fears of North Americas, and make the idea of a battery powered car a lot more palatable.


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