SEMA 2010: Shawn Baker Wins Scion tC Tuner Challenge

SEMA 2010: Shawn Baker Wins Scion tC Tuner Challenge

Dare we say there seems to be a running theme with the Scion Tuner Challenge, with the obvious winner never taking first place. This year’s tC Tuner Challenge finished no different with the carbon fiber widebody built by John Pangilinan placing as the runner up to Shawn Baker’s tC that can best be described using such over-hyped inter-web buzz words as “stanced” and “hellaflush.” We do, however, give full credit to the interior of Baker’s tC with a Cognac leather used throughout with baseball style stitching all done by Russ’s Trim Shop. Every aspect of the car has been altered, with a Descendant/Precision turbo setup, AirLift air ride suspension and some Rotiform 3-piece wheels.

As the winner, Baker gets an oversized check worth $15,000 plus a few extra goodies tossed in – like an Apple iPad.

Placing third in the contest is James Lin with a typically SEMA-esque show car, complete with a widebody, deep-dish wheels, a massive rear spoiler and huge FMIC.

GALLERY: Shawn Baker Scion tC


GALLERY: John Pangilinan Scion tC


GALLERY: James Lin Scion tC


See after the jump to watch the awards ceremony from the SEMA Show floor:

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  • Chris Basselgia

    Over-hyped? Barely. How bout we toss out a few other words to describe this well built, well rounded car. How about classy, attention to detail, fit and finish, complete, not over done, not gaudy, functional, and yes even properly stanced. From this article I get the impression that the author favored johns car over shawns. He obviously didn’t take notice to the fact that with the exception of the exterior, which I admit was well done, johns car lacked any attention to detail. The engine bay was unfinished and raw, the interior was also unfinished and lacked any sort of audio and the carbon fiber panels looked like they were just laid in the back with poor fitment. It was built as a time attack style car but was using spacers to achieve proper stance rather than measuring for proper wheel size. I could go on but why bother. I do however give john credit. He built the car the way he wanted to acknowledgging that he would oose points for not having a finished interior or any sort of audio. And frankly I think more people need to start doing this. Forget about the rule books and build the car how you want it. Over all I think john had a very nice car. But when it came down to it, did not deserve to beat shawns original, well rounded, and very well exicuted TC. Shawn brought a new look to the TC world and frankly made me even like them. Beautiful car. 1st place was well deserved.