Top Gear USA Season 1, Episode 1: Watch it Now [Video]

Top Gear USA Season 1, Episode 1: Watch it Now [Video]

It looks as though the marketing machine behind Top Gear USA is at it again, offering the first episode of the show online for free. You can watch episodes at, or right here, thanks to the kind folks at History allowing us to embed their video.

Alternatively, you could watch it on TV, with new episodes airing Sundays on History at 10 Eastern, 9 Central.

After several delays, Top Gear USA finally launched last week with hosts Adam Ferrera, Rutledge Wood and Tanner Foust to mixed reviews. If you want our take on the show, we think its pretty darn entertaining. It’s just not THE Top Gear and never can be.

  • Davis Burleson

    Not gonna Lie, This is a Crappy copy of the real top gear. The commentators are just Garbage, GET RID OF THE MOLE!!!!!

  • Whocares

    Wow, this show is horrible, nothing can compare to the UK version, this is trash.

  • Eric Soto

    This is BEEP serious this show is CRAP!!!!! PLease HC call it quits and lets stick to the basics BBC UK Top Gear. UK TG is sooo much better then this shite…

  • lee nutty

    They have tried and failed to replicate what makes BBC Top Gear the most popular automotive program on the planet. There are two distinct elements that Jeremy, James, and Richard brought to the table; humorous personalities, and the nearly appalling way they went about testing the wide array of vehicles. These hosts are forced to ATTEMPT humor and the bland dialogue that is the result leaves much to be desired. Worse yet they seem to have limited overall knowledge of a wide array of vehicles, making do with small tidbits of knowledge they have sub-consciously acquired over their motoring careers. Lets recap; the humor is atrocious, and the odds of the viewer actually gaining any automotive knowledge and advice seem stacked against us. While final judgements cannot be hastily made, a lot is going to need to fall in place before this man can say many positive things about this copycat program.

  • alex

    They really should have tried to put their own twist on things, because they clearly are missing the one crucial element that makes top gear, top gear. Humor. They’ve got the cars and the knowledge but that’s only half the challenge. If you cant deliver it in a funny way, then dont try and copy the best, because you’re only going to come out on the bottom.

    That being said, i’ll still watch this in hopes that next season they will maybe change the cast and get a car nut who’s actually funny – ehem… ehem… Adam Carolla.

  • Ian

    This show is awful, the hosts make it almost unwatchable. And what the @#%! were they thinking when they decided to make a Lamborghini do donuts in the dirt??? That just was seriously painful to watch.

  • nicholas combs

    they are doing thing that have been done with uk top gear. Who dumb A.. idea was this. I cant watch this. Just stop now.

  • AC

    You know, if you go back 16 years to the first Top Gear UK, there wasn’t all that much cohesion between the hosts either. The writing is the same crew, even the stint ‘in the only city in the world we could chase a viper with a gunship….in Georgia’ is pretty funny, and identifiable as a uniquely American characteristic even to a left coast nut like me. The hosts need time to gel…Rutledge is good, Ferrera is growing on me, and though Tanner is a little wooden, I think there is some potential there. You can’t expect them to be as good as the UK team, but let’s hope HC believes enough in the concept to keep them together. By the 6th episode they’re already way better.

  • Ian

    As an avid viewer of top gear uk i will say that the US version, different…. but has the markings of a great show. Sure Jeremy and the boys are Really great! of course!! But as this US show goes on id like to see the how the chemistry works with the new guys. One thing Id like to note is the attention to cinematic details that had made the latter UK show used in its establishing shots was not left behind as the show came to our soil. Good Choice as top gear had such a prestigious balance of beauty to knowledge. The previews for The Alaska Trip with the trucks looks to be a good show. So as many of the people above hate. Im gunna watch, cause the more Top Gear I can see, stateside or abroad, is all good to me.

  • jon lee

    if you do not compare it to the uk edition it is not that bad. it’s very american in its style and writing. the uk show is brilliant but in a very english kind of way. the american version though not brilliant, will need some time. i think with the proper work and a few seasons and it will get quite good. the hosts need to grow in their role and also try not to act like clarkson, hammond and may. other than that i hope they do well cause they certainly got the look of the show down.

  • GTO

    You gotta give the show some time. As good as the UK version is, it wasn’t always so smooth. It took some time for them to pull it together. Let these guys get into a groove and the show will only get better. They’re already starting to find a groove. Even as stiff as the hosts were/are so far, it’s still an automotive review show testing out some of the best(and worst) vehicles in the world. I’m down!

  • dhumphrys

    The host are dry they seemingly have no egos and they aren’t funny. What is with the fat guy with the beard. His voice sounds like a child. The short little guy is a bore and the “funny guy” was dry and his jokes just sank. BBC UK Top Gear is clearly the winner and if you can’t muster political pull enough to have some streets closed for an all out race then do something else. Maybe hire new producers writers hosts and try again. Another thing that seems to be missing, guts, these hosts don’t have any. The producers didn’t go all in, wtf. Go all in and make the show fly or cancel it.

  • justin

    this show is great haters going to hate Fuk um

  • Zack

    i have to admit, the uk version is slietly better, but i am a big foust fan and rutledge his pretty funny. If you watch season 1 of the uk top gear they are pretty similar.
    Give it some time the second season is acually pretty good.

  • Joe

    Wow! That was really, really bad. Did all of these guys go to a Bob Saget host training orientation? If you want a different show call it a different show don’t smear the name of Top Gear. I can’t believe the producers allowed this horrid debacle to air. It really makes Jeremy, Richard and James seem that much more talented. I have seen cucumbers with more personality. I actually think that I could do a better job and that is not saying much. I will attempt to watch another show from the second season but Wow! that sucked…

  • Dave

    Hey guys after preparing to turn my back on what can only be described as an awful cringe-worthy and mildly racist India special by the UK Top gear boys,I watched the start of series 2 of Top Gear USA and really enjoyed it. I will be watching out for new episodes.
    I am from the UK and have watched every episode of Top Gear since childhood well before Clarkson changed it all and I’m finding the adulterous twit evermore unbearable with every passing show.